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Four cows die after getting elecrocuted, negligence alleged

An allegation has been raised where four cows have died after getting electrocuted and the power department has been accused of negligence.

The incident took place in the Panighata line area’s shut down Dharnipur Tea Plantation in Nagarkata block.

In the description of the incident, it is reported that in the morning, a man running the milk business was feeding his 35-40 cows in the empty grounds of Panighata line, when a wire of 11 thousand volts fell on the cows, and four cows came in contact with electricity. The milkman Pradeep Bagwar told that suddenly the cows were electrocuted, and seeing that, he and the rest of the cows moved away from there.

Local people have alleged that many other cattle have also died this way. Everyone has demanded the necessity. Meanwhile, Nagarkata Electricity Department official Sagar Basu said that the incident happened because the electricity wires had broken. Now the wires have been fixed.