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GMCC To Hold Meeting In Kalimpong Tomorrow

The Gorkhaland Movement Coordination Committee has planned to hold a meeting in Kalimpong at 1 o’ clock in the afternoon tomorrow, sources report.

The location where the meeting would be held has not been disclosed yet. The purpose of the meeting has also not been disclosed, but political observers believe that the meeting may discuss the state government’s call for a meeting.

The Trinamool Congress- led state government has summoned the political parties of the hills for a meeting on August 29. It has been said that the meeting has been called to talk about the agitation that has taken over the hills in the demand for Gorkhaland. 

Political parties of the hills have not confirmed if they would be attending the meeting or not. However, some political figures, like Darjeeling MLA Amar Rai believe that the ball lies in the court of the political parties as to how they present the movement and their demands to the state government. 

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